Jed’s Jam has met for many years at the Cyril Street hall.   Every Saturday evening musicians come from all over the Fraser Valley to hang out with other music lovers for  a full evening 5:30 to 9:30.
They vary in talent but no one is too good and no one is too professional, nor is anyone too unpolished to enjoy the wide diversity of songs brought to this really great time together.
Many people over the years tell of having been somewhat lonely or sad until they discovered unknown musical talent within themselves and many new friends in the context of Jed’s Jam.
Over the years, some folk who saw themselves as musical zeros emerged as wonderful singers and instrumentalists.
ASAA offers a lot of scope to find latent interests and talents waiting for you to discover in yourself and other people.
Signed Jed Spence and Fran Andres



At the ASAA, “Wind Band” gathers weekly for the fun of making music.

This playing is done from sheet music, lead sheets and/or chord charts. (Not a jam session) 
We are open to playing different musical genres depending on participants.

My name is Daniel Lacasse and I am the convener and music librarian for this activity. I take it upon myself to plan, provide and arrange for the necessary music to be on hand for participants to read from. “Wind Band” is currently focussed on “Early Music” of the European Renaissance and Baroque periods. However, given the right instruments and participants, we are very much open to playing folk or popular tunes.

If a participant wants a certain style or piece of music included . . . then it is up to that participant to bring (provide) the necessary music for other players to read . . . and we’ll go for it!

At our Cyril Street Hall, we have in place: drums, organ and two pianos available, so if you want to play these with us, you need not lug your own to and from our “Wind Band” practices.
Please join us at our next session. This activity is available year-round.

There are among us “people who used to play” but haven’t done so for decades; but now having retired “at last, YOU DO HAVE THE TIME FOR THIS so there is no better time for it.

Playing a musical instrument is like riding a bicycle. One never really forgets how it’s done.

Music instruction for those who:

          1) have not played for a long time or
          2) want to improve their reading skills or
          3) wish to learn music theory or
          4) to start playing a new instrument

For more information contact:          Daniel     cell phone  (call or text) :     604-309-2081